Mixing glass cocktails - 600ml




  • Mixing glass cocktails 
  • Bartender / Bar Tools 
  • 600ml 
  • Germany
  • Heigth (cm): 15,0
    Diameter (cm): 9,0
    Capacity (ml): 600
  • This mixing glass is handmade and unique. A well shaped and classical mixing glass such as this one should not be missing at your bar!
  • The mixing glass has a slightly thick base compared to common mixing glasses with thick bases.
  • When cleaning in your dishwasher machine the glass won´t store that much heat.
  • The base will prevent thermal shocks and the breakage of the glass. Moreover the glass has stable walls
  • . When preparing a drink you will use ice cubes which will cool down the drink.
  • Furthermore the walls and base will prevent the melting of the ice cubes and the drink won´t taste washy.
  • Last but not least this mixing glass has a fine and timeless diamond cut. This Japanese style design will be a highlight at your bar.

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