Mosquito Net

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$22 $30


  • Magnetic fly screen to be installed with enclosed adhesive mounting with German instructions (English language as well not guaranteed). No drilling required, self-adhesive, also suitable for wooden frames.
  • For protection against insects such as midges, flies, bees, hornets, dragonflies, mosquitoes, gnats, wasps and all kinds of vermin.
  • For all types of doors such as balcony doors, cellar doors, patio doors, garden doors, conservatories, plot doors, front doors, door frames and all kinds of windows such as basement windows, kitchen windows and sliding windows.
  • Air permeable and semi-transparent with automatic and easy-to-open magnetic closure. This makes the net close by itself after you walk through. The net is cat and dog safe and your four-legged friends can also pass through the net when closed.
  • Premium quality to ensure sustainable, multi-year use. Can be shortened as required therefore making it suitable for almost all doors and windows.

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