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  • Technology with steam: moisture-proof, long-lasting straight hair: the steam’s action preserves the right hydration of the hair so it is unable to absorb moisture and therefore puff up, get ruffled and frizzy. More beautifully straight hair: the steam’s action relaxes the hair fiber for an ultra-shiny effect. Straight hair every day: the steam’s action protects the hair from the plates, preventing thermal shock
  • Ceramic coating: helps protect against the heat and ensures perfect gliding movement, leaving your hair shiny
  • Temperature control: electronic temperature control with 3 temperature levels 170°C - 200°C - 230°C
  • Steam autonomy: simply fill the detachable reservoir with tap water once for up to 100 strokes, which is enough for 2 complete hairstyles
  • Quick heating system: ready for use in moments.
  • Automatic shutdown: after 60 minutes
  • Oscillating plates: the 28x110 mm oscillating plates adapt perfectly to the lock of hair to maximize the straightening effect in one easy stroke
  • Revolving power cord: 1.8 m

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