New Tempo Flame Set 12 Pieces




  • 12pcs Set: FP 20/ 26, Saucepan 16+ Lid, Stewpots 22/ 26 + Lid, 4 accessories (Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Ladle, Long Spatula) + Glass Lids DURABLE NON-STICK COATING: Tefal's high-quality Titanium-infused coating delivers outstanding non-stick performance
  • SAFE NON-STICK COATING: Safe non-stick, no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium. Stricter controls than those required by current food contact regulations. No PFOA in compliance with applicable regulations. No lead, no cadmium (no Pb, no Cd) means no intentional addition of Pb and Cd in the coatings and not detected by tests conducted by external laboratories.
  • HEAT INDICATOR: The innovative Thermo-Signal zone changes color when it's time to start cooking, for perfect searing every time MEASURING MARKS: The smart design with built-in measuring marks ensures perfect results every time
  • GLASS LID: The elegant glass lid ensures easy monitoring LADLE, POTATO MASHER, SPOON, SPATULA : For all cooking needs STOVETOP COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all stovetops—gas, electric and ceramic—excluding induction NON-STICK COATING INSIDE AND OUT: Ensuring effortless cleaning every day
  • MADE IN FRANCE: Designed and manufactured entirely in France at uncompromising standards of quality and craftsmanship EASY-TO-USE : Ideal features and design to help beginners get started cooking right

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