Pizza Oven




  • 34 x 30 x 19 cm
  • 1200 W 
  • Neapolitan pizza: taste real Neapolitan pizza straight from your home, tender and crunchy as if you just pulled it out of the wood-fired oven
  • Perfect cooking: the secret of a good pizza lies in cooking it quickly and at a very high temperature; thanks to its refractory stone at 400 ° C, the result is guaranteed
  • Refractory stone: made with a material resistant to very high temperatures, the stone ensures rapid, constant and uniform cooking, ideal for obtaining fragrant pizzas in a few minutes
  • Ready in an instant: 4 minutes are enough to bring a delicious pizza to the table; also ideal for frozen pizzas ready in just 2/3 minutes
  • 5 cooking levels: the adjustable thermostat allows you to bake excellent savory pies, toast, panzerotti or even reheat food before putting it on the table

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