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  • ROBUST: The material of the PRIMA GARDEN plant fleece hood is particularly thick with a thickness of 80 g / m² and offers effective winter protection for your plants in the garden or balcony.
  • CORD CLOSURE: The fleece hood adapts perfectly to the plant thanks to the drawstring. This ensures a better hold and secure protection. The side zipper allows easy attachment and removal without damaging the plants.
  • BREATHABLE: So that your plants survive the winter safely, the PRIMA GARDEN plant protection hood is permeable to air, light and moisture.
  • BENEFIT: It protects the shoots and plant crowns from the interactions caused by cold and sun, as well as from icy wind, rain and insects.
  • QUALITY: The strong fleece material of the PRIMA GARDEN fleece hood is ideal for protecting your plants. Thanks to its size of approx. 200 x 240 cm, the hood is suitable for potted plants as well as wood and roses.

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