Prism Frame Rect Pool Set 4.00 X 2.00 X 1.00M




Dimensions: (L)4.00 x (W)2.00 x (h)1.00 m

With Prism Frame Intex swimming pools , discover a designer swimming pool suitable for the whole family. Very easy to install , opt for an INTEX tubular pool to prepare for the hot summer days that are coming. Prism Frame pools

, like all INTEX pools, have a triple-layer liner that gives them extra protection against scratches and other daily damage. In addition, their rigid structure allows INTEX tubular pools to be better preserved over time and thus enjoy them for several years.
To simplify the maintenance of your swimming pool, a cartridge filter is provided in this kit. All you have to do is connect it to your pool and enjoy pure, clear water.

Material PVC / Steel

Assembly Time 45 mins

filtration rate 1.7m³/h

Vinyl Thickness 58/100mm


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