Prism Frame Rect Pool Set 4.00 X 2.00 X 1.22M

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This tubular above ground pool with its trendy design and colors will seduce you with its quick and easy installation.
Its rectangular shape will offer you, according to the desire of the moment, a large play area, as well as beautiful swimming lengths to occupy your summer days.

Quickly get out the swimsuit!

Indeed, you will only have to wait 45 minutes before you jump into the water! Before the assembly stage, the preparation of the ground is a key element.
Here are the main steps you must follow:

1. Assemble the tubes
2. Insert the tubes into the liner
3. Fill with water

And because we want to simplify the filling of your pool, we provide you with the basic accessories in a complete kit to enjoy your swimming moments once the installation is complete.
The Intex tubular pool comes with a cartridge filter and a safety ladder with removable steps. In addition, its hydro-aeration system allows better circulation.

You will also find that its triple thickness liner ensures resistance to any test such as rough water games or harsh weather conditions.

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