Prism Greywood Premium Pool Set D 4.57X1.22M




The frame pool Intex Prism Frame GreyWood features a new improved frame, thanks to which the assembly of the pool takes less time.


  • The constant shape of the pool is ensured by a strong duralumin frame. Advanced frame with Easy Lock System with simplified assembly system. Thanks to this framework, the pool maintains big loadings.
  • The walls are made using SUPER-TOUGH technology and have three durable layers of high quality material. The two outer layers are made of dense PVC, which, as it were, laminate a layer of durable polyester.
  • The pool has a convenient drain valve through which you can carefully drain the water. By attaching a garden hose, you can water the garden vegetation with the draining water.
  • The pool has two openings for connecting the filter pump with hoses Ø32 mm.
  • The color of the bowl "under the tree."

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