Purespa Bubble Massage 196X71Cm Round 4Pers




Intex 28426 inflatable Jacuzzi hydromassage inflatable diameter 1.96 m with heating and water treatment pump, comfortable, elegant, ideal for relaxing in the garden of the house

This new and revolutionary product is designed thanks to INTEX's vast experience of in-depth knowledge of the swimming pool industry and water filtering systems: the PureSpa™ inflatable jacuzzi spa, is made with FiberTechTM technology, with thousands of filaments that provide excellent resistance to loads.

This means that compared with other similar products, the inflatable hot tub inflatable pool decks are much more stable and stronger when you get in and out of the pool.

Another important feature is that the hydromassage system is extremely quiet, which is very important for a relaxation area. As specified in the technical characteristics, the patented INTEX anti-limescale system guarantees a long product life.

It is designed for a maximum of 4 people and there are 120 small holes on the bottom that release relaxing massage jets.
It is also equipped with a water filtering system (capacity: 1.741 L/h), heating (temperature: 1.5-2.5°C/h) and massage jets with very low energy consumption ( 0.83kw/h/°C)! Inflatable hot tub size: 196x0.71cm

Technical characteristics:

  • capacity: 4 people
  • water capacity: 795 liters
  • inside/outside diameter: 145cm/196cm
  • height: 71cm
  • thickness: 0.84mm
  • material: TRIPLE layer laminated PVC
  • internal structure: 48 Fiber-Tech BeamsTM
  • bubble blower: 800 W /220-240 V
  • heater: 2200W/220-240V
  • pump flow: 1.893 l/h
  • 10 W anti-limescale treatment
  • temperature: 20° - 40°C
  • temperature increase: 1.5° - 2.5°C/h
  • massage jets: 120

Included in the package:

  • Heating/filtering/blowing/anti-scale pump
  • Filter pump cartridge 29001
  • Thermal blanket to prevent heat loss
  • Float releasing chemicals
  • Chlorine test strips
  • Bag for transporting and storing the swimming pool

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