Vertical Steam Iron Machine




Despite its power, the Steam Genie Garment Steamer is lightweight, easy to use, and gives continuous steam cleaning for 11 minutes*

*When the water tank is filled to the max and the trigger lock is switched on

  • Lightweight, Portable and Hand-Held - Perfect for clothing, fabric sofas, curtains, and more; it saves you time and money on dry cleaning using only the power of steam with no harsh chemicals
  • 45 seconds to heat up, 11 minutes to freshen up - When the water tank is filled to max and the trigger lock is switched on, you’ll get 11 minutes of steam time on just one fill
  • Handy Attachments for Every Task - Accessories include delicate bonnet for fine clothing, upholstery bonnet for soft furnishings and lint brush to loosen fluff and hair
  • Fresh, Wrinkle-Free Fabrics at the Touch of a Trigger - In just a few minutes the trigger-controlled Steam Genie Garment Steamer can make light work of the toughest laundry tasks
  • 45 second heat up time
  • Continuous steam for up to 11 mins
  • 1650W
  • 220ml water tank
  • Trigger lock
  • A range of attachments
  • Auto shut-off after 15 mins of no use
  • 3 Meter Cord

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