Salt & Pepper Mill / Grinder - FRANKFURT Bamboo


Size: Pepper D.4.5 H.12cm


  • FRANKFURT Bamboo
  • Made in Germany 
  • The grinder has a two-stage geometry. In the coarse tooth area, the spice is broken and passed on to the fine tooth area, where the
  • spice is ground to the desired degree of grinding. This is how the grinder gets the best out of every spice.
  • Our range offers a variety of different models and materials. This, combined with first-class function and quality, make the
  • ZASSENHAUS mills a reliable and attractive partner for cooking and at the table.
  • Grinding more precisely with Zassenhaus!
  • Versatility
  • Suitable for pepper, salt, spices and dried herbs
  • The patented ZASSENHAUS grinding mechanism is harder than steel
  • and absolutely wear-proof and corrosion-free
  • The bodies and technical components are exclusively made of high quality materials
  • The precise grinding mechanism offers a perfect function

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