Sheesham Wood Muddler- Cocktail




  • 22.5cm
  • Made in Germany 
  • This muddler is made of the precious wood Sheesham. It has a length of 22,5cm and a diameter of 3,8cm maximum. Moreover the muddler is equipped with a tenderizers and a rounded off ending.
  • The muddler is shock-resistant and robust. Use this noble and well-shaped muddler to prepare delicious and summery drinks such as Caipirinhas or Mojitos.
  • Sheesham - also known as Indian rosewood - is a tree growing mainly in India and Pakistan.
  • It is used for furniture and musical instruments as well as agricultural equipment and sporting goods such as skis.
  • The wood of the Sheesham tree is hard, tough and hardly shrinks.

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