Title: 1 Piece


  • Boost your beverage service and provide your guests with an ideal drinking experience with this Pasabahce 42433-048 Side-Heavy Sham 5.75 oz. rocks / old fashioned glass.
  • Perfectly portioned for serving signature cocktails or liquors on the rocks, this item is a wonderful addition to any restaurant, bar, banquet hall, or catered event.
  • While its thick sham supplies a stable base that allows it to remain upright on tabletops, counters, and trays, its rolled rim increases chip-resistance to ensure long-lasting use.
  • The heavy sham offers a substantial, weighty feel as well while increasing the perceived value of each drink.
  • Plus, this item is built to withstand the daily rigors of high-volume consumer traffic environments, making it more durable than delicate crystal alternatives.
  • Its exceptional clarity even enables excellent product visibility in order to showcase your specialty drinks!
  • Featuring a bold look with straight, simple lines, the Side-Heavy Sham collection is made for endless possibility and bound to please

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