Shot / Liqueur - Polycarbonate Plastic Crystal Feel


Title: 1 Piece


  • 53ml
  • The glass has superpowers! Not only does it insulate four times better than glass keeping drinks colder longer, it is also practically unbreakable - surviving even hits with a golf club without the slightest crack or scratch.
  • It’s the glass that feels good in your hands and is the right choice for everything from picnics to children’s birthday parties and summer backyard get-togethers to lavish weddings.
  • It saves time and energy thanks to its uncomplicated handling and transportation, is unbreakable and dishwasher-safe.
  • The most versatile and modern must-have, minimizing virtually all danger for children and employees.
  • All the while helping the environment. Superglas is 100% designed and produced in Erbach, Germany.

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