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GRADE A ENERGY RATINGS: Silence Force 4A is equipped with 3 levels of filtration: a high filtration bag, a foam and high-efficiency permanent filter, to capture more than 99.99% of vacuumed dust*. Its superior quality filters retain microscopic particles that cause allergies and asthma.

High-efficiency suction head on all types of floors

Silence Force 4A is equipped with the new Deep Clean Head that efficiently removes dust deep down from carpets, rugs, tiles, parquet and all types of floors.

Extremely silent: With only 64 dB(A) on silent mode and 66 dB(A) on maximum position, Silence Force 4A is the quietest 4A vacuum cleaner***, providing high comfort in use.

Advanced Technology for Exceptional Energy Efficiency: For greater dust pick-up with less energy use, the cutting-edge technology of the new EffiTech Motor system paves the way toward ultimate energy efficiency.

New hygienic dust bag: No more clouds of dust when changing the bag thanks to the new Hygiene+ bag equipped with a self-closing flap: convenient and hygienic!

Extra-large capacity: Extra-large capacity with up to 4.5 liters of collected dust for more autonomy and less frequent bag changes.

A brush always at hand: The Easy Brush duster is integrated at the handle to vacuum all types of surfaces, including delicate ones.

Integrated crevice tool: The crevice tool is stored at the bottom of Silence Force 4A, always at hand to vacuum hard-to-reach areas.

Power control at the handle: Power control is possible on the handle of the Silence Force 4A, as well as on the canister, for greater convenience.

Animal Care solution: Specially designed for pet owners looking for efficient solutions to get rid of pet hair. The Maxi Turbo Brush allows for quick and efficient extraction of pet hair accumulated on carpets, while the Mini Turbo Brush is ideal for couches & furniture. The high-efficiency filter better captures allergens and bacteria that pets can bring from outside.

5 power settings: LED power control with 5 settings, to adapt to the surface you are vacuuming.

Permanent high-efficiency filters: No need to change filters anymore! Thanks to its high-filtration technology, Silence Force 4A filters are permanent (only when using Hygiene+ Tefal bags)

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