Stainless Steel Contact Grill




Grill&Taste is the new electric grill with modern and elegant lines suitable for preparing excellent toasts, panini, hamburgers, meat, fish and much more.

The removable drip tray and the removable and washable grill plates allow to remove food residue easily.

The five grilling levels make Grill&Taste the perfect appliance for who loves to prepare quick snacks and to heat up any kind of pizza and croutons.

Thanks to the option of open plate grilling position, it is possible to cook and grill comfortably on an even wider surface.

The timer and the temperature adjustment make easier and personalize cooking of the various dishes.

  • Power 2000W
  • Removable drip tray
  • Non-stick removable grill plates
  • Adjustable timer 30 min
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 5 oven grilling levels
  • 180? cooking with open plates
  • Power indicator and temperature light
  • Tilting plate to adapt to the various heights of food

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