Tiki Mug Face 400ml - Porcelain Black Matt




  • Tiki Mug Face  400ml 
  • Special Cocktail
  • Porcelain Black Matt 
  • Bartender / Bar Tools
  • Height (cm): 16,5
    Diameter (cm): 7,5
    Capacity (ml): 400
  • Tiki mugs are often on the verge of kitsch. Well, the bright colors do go well with the mostly sweet, fruity tiki cocktails and their colorful cocktail decorations.
  • But sometimes things and colors need to be a bit more muted and stylish.
  • Just like this tiki with a cast iron effect surface!
  • The 16,5cm high, elongated cup has a matte finish that feels slightly rough in the hand. This creates the impression of cast iron, whereby the tiki is actually made of ceramic.
  • Thanks to this look, the cocktail cup fits perfectly into your industrial style cocktail bar.

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