Tiki Mug Face 400ml - Porcelain Green Shiny




  • Tiki Mug Face  400ml 
  • Special Cocktail Porcelain Green Shiny
  • Bartender / Bar Tools
  • Height (cm): 16,5
    Diameter (cm): 7,5
    Capacity (ml): 400
  • This green tiki mug with a grinning face might have come straight out of the jungle. With its natural green shade, it would be well camouflaged between lianas and temple ruins overgrown with moss.
  • Eyes, nose, mouth and headdress of this supposed statue of an ancient god are clearly visible and tactile.
  • On two sides of the cocktail cup, the tiki shows its pointed teeth, as if to call out to us: "Come and drink from me, if you dare!"

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