Tiki Mug Pineapple Green- 400ml




  • Tiki Mug Pineapple Green  400ml
  • Special Cocktail Porcelain
  • Bartender / Bar Tools
  • Height (cm): 10,0
    Diameter (cm): max. 9,3 / rim: 8,0
    Capacity (ml): 400
  • This Tiki mug looks like a pineapple, which makes it ideal for sweet, fruity rum-based cocktails. Decorated with a slice of fresh pineapple and a colorful paper drinking straw, the Tiki cups are an eye-catcher at any party and in your bar!
  • The bulbous cups have a volume of 400ml and mimic the rind of a pineapple - optical and haptic. It not only tricks your eyes, but your hands, too.
  • Close your eyes and you will be transferred to a Caribbean beach.
  • Once you open your eyes again, you will notice that the pineapple is not yet ripe - it is painted in shades of green.

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