Tiki Mug - Sir Lancan 300ml - Light Blue Stoneware




  • Tiki Mug - Sir Lancan 300ml
  • Light Blue Stoneware
  • Bartender / Bar Tools
  • Volume (ml): 300
  • Height (cm): 14
  • Diameter (cm): 7
  • This Tiki mug is with his cheeky grin definitely one of the friendlier Tikis in our range.
  • Decorated in cheerful light blue, you could nearly have him on a child's birthday celebration: Then of course without rum.
  • If you wanted to engage with this characteristic log face, wanting this beautifully crafted Tiki analyze ethnological, then we would suspect a Sri Lankan origin.
  • Probably a representation of one of the known forest spirits who live according to popular belief in trees.
  • This is of course complete nonsense. But the kids will believe you.

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