Ultra Xtr Frame Pool Set D 5.49 X1.32M

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Intex 26330 round pool with elegant carrying system and ladder, sand pump for water filtering and tarpaulins and base, robust and elegant, ideal for unforgettable moments of relaxation in your garden.

The Intex 26330 Ultra Frame Pool Model Round is the elegant evolution of the traditional Intex Ultra Frame pools.

It is also a simpler version with a good method where no clips are needed to connect the metal parts.

The metal structure of the swimming pool is made of galvanised steel for excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

It has a thickness and cross-section for better resistance to conventional frames than conventional frame models to increase water pressure and consumer use.

All edges are rounded and bevelled.

PVC uses Super-Tough technology and consists of three layers: a thick and durable PVC layer inside and outside and a polyester interlayer.

  • Technical features: Intex Ultra Frame 26330 round pool XTR with galvanised steel frame, made from super PVC - 3-ply tough
  • The pool comes complete with the following accessories: sand pump for water filtering of 7,900 l/h.
  • Recommended use with this pool for 4/5 hours a day, double ladder and tarpaulin
  • Dimensions: pool, 549 cm, diameter 132 cm, base surface 549 x 132 cm, water capacity 26,423 litres at 90%
  • Tarpaulin for placing on the floor, under the pool, made from durable polyethylene that protects the bottom of the pool

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