Valas Dinner Plate

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  • This 42-piece set for 6 people made of porcelain in white consists of 6x XL Flat plates,  6x Flat plates (Ø 24 cm), 6x deep plates (Ø 21.5 cm), 6x dessert plates (Ø 20.5 cm), 6x cups (220 ml capacity) and 6x coffee saucers, and 6x Bowls and 
  • Valas - this series is more than just white porcelain. With the trendy white color, it leaves space for decoration and can be combined as desired.
  • The modern yet simple double flag gives this crockery set its elegant character, which does not push into the foreground and makes your food stand out
  • The sturdy and durable dinner service is perfect for everyday use, thanks to its subtle elegance enhances your dining table but also on special occasions.
  • This 42-piece crockery set, like the entire Valas series, is permanently dishwasher and microwave safe, making it extremely easy to clean.

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