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Steak house Grill is the vertical grill that allows you to cook more tasty and healthy steaks up to 4 cm, chicken, sausages, ribs, hamburgers, vegetables, bread, fruit, fish etc.
Thanks to the vertical cooking system, the greases flow down into the special tray and never come into contact with internal resistances, and this avoids the formation of the annoying smoke. Try and enjoy your dishes with steak house grill!

  • Cook in a healthy and tasty way: the vertical cooking system allows the fat to strain into the tray, your meat will be lean and light
  • Zero smoke and bad smells: the resistance never comes into contact with food, this reduces the emission of smoke and odors
  • Joy on the table: prepare rich grilled meat, fish, bread and vegetables to share and enjoy with family and friends!
  • Steak up to 4 centimeters: the grill can be opened ad allows steaks to be cooked to perfection.
  • Easy to clean: the internal parts are easily removable and washable to completely eliminate any food residue
  • Savor the taste and tenderness of grilled meat to perfection!
  • The grill can be opened and washed
  • Easily place the meat on the grill that can be opened at 180? and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Eliminate excess fats
  • The meat will be lighter thanks to the vertical cooking that allows the excess fat to be poured into the special tray.
  • Double resistance on both sides
  • Food perfectly cooked thanks to the two powerful lateral resistances. Enjoy your meal!

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