Vintage Rice Cooker


Color: Blue


  • Italian design and ease of use, to help you in the kitchen with taste and style
  • Vintage Ram Line
  • Electric rice cooker is perfect for cooking all kinds of rice, ideal to use instead of bread, along with meat, fish or vegetables
  • Sushi made with rice cooker, get the perfect rice cookie to make sushi at home: bleach with various ingredients and prepare your favorite sushi rolls
  • Components included: Measuring cup

With the Electric Rice Cooker you can prepare your favorite Sushi at home… but not only!


  • Basmati rice cooked to perfection

The large ceramic coated basket from Rice Cooker is ideal for cooking rice to perfection, keeping the grains intact and preserving all the flavor. If you want to replace white bread rice in your lighter meals, or use it to accompany exotic dishes, the Rice Cooker is ideal!

  • Homemade Sushi

To try the preparation of homemade sushi, cooking rice is essential, because all the other stages of preparation of sushi-roll depend on it. With the Vintage rice cooker, sushi rice is very easy to prepare! All you have to do is season raw fish fillets as you prefer and roll up sushi for your oriental dinners.

  • Your light and healthy lunch break

Steaming with the rice cooker is perfect for preparing a light lunch for the office: rice, steamed vegetables, meat or fish, for a unique dish that is light, healthy and easy to cook thanks to Rice Cooker. Using the steam basket, you can also cook multiple dishes simultaneously and prepare your meals in no time!

By setting the saut? cooking mode you can cook meat, vegetables or fish at high temperature. Try to make mussels saut? at home, with Rice Cooker you only need a few minutes to bring all the flavor of the sea.

  • Slow cooking for tastiest recipes

With the slow cooking mode Rice Cooker prepares stew, soups of legumes and vegetables, but also Bolognese sauce. The sweet and long cooking can be up to 5 hours and allows you to maintain a controlled temperature, ideal for longer preparations.

  • Healthy and genuine steam cooking

Thanks to the steam basket with Rice Cooker you can cook meat, fish and vegetables healthily and without adding fat. The steam in fact, unlike other types of cooking, maintains almost unchanged the nutritional properties of foods and all their taste.

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