Wine Superglas - Transparent Jade Polycarbonate


Pack: Pack of 1


  • D7.5cm H.20.5cm 300ml
  • It’s the glass that feels good in your hands and is the right choice for everything from picnics to children’s birthday parties and summer backyard get-togethers to lavish weddings.
  • The material is astonishingly strong, making Superglas practically unbreakable. Perfect for use at events, backyard parties, the pool, in clubs, and everywhere where glass shards are less than welcome.
  • Superglas keeps drinks at their ideal temperature longer – insulating 4x better than traditional glass. Life’s too short to drink warm champagne!
  • The inner values are also worth mentioning: Superglas is made in Germany, gentle on resources with a material that is 100% recyclable. And with a 10-year guarantee, it truly makes ecological sense!

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