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LIGHTWEIGHT: This car vacuum also reaches the most comfortable areas.
The weight is only 0.32 kg, light and easy to handle without any effort or fatigue to bear the weight, so it can be operated with one hand, ergonomic and efficient
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: hose, crevice tool and fabric brush.
Thanks to these accessories, vacuuming the machine and the carpets will no longer be a problem, in fact they are designed to speed up and make the cleaning of the machine efficient.
REMOVABLE FILTER: Beper Mini Vac is equipped with a washable and removable filter.
It empties in an instant, there is no annoying bag, it is enough to press to be able to empty all the dirt collected and to clean it it is enough to open it and remove the filter which can be washed in the washing machine.
NO BATTERY: The Beper Mini Vac, unlike others, is not rechargeable, so no wasted time waiting for the battery to be recharged.
Equipped with a wire about 3 meters long that can be connected to the car socket via the cigarette lighter, it allows to reach every point of the car to be able to clean it better
LARGE SEBATORY CAPACITY: Equipped with a 0.5L tank, the car vacuum cleaner allows us to pick up all the dirt and hair with complete peace of mind thanks to its tank capacity.
Emptying the container is very easy by pressing the release button
Included Components: 1 x BEPER P202ASP400 Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner with Plug, 0.5L Tank, 70W, Three Accessories Included for Dry Suction, Removable and Washable Filter, Black and Green

(HxWxD): 33x10x12.5 cm

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