Corded Stick Cleaner 2in1 Evolution

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  • The container's capacity is 0.8 litres. This ensures longer work. The vacuum cleaner is part of a very good energy class A+. The energy consumption does not exceed 21.6 kWh. Thanks to the folding handle of the device and keeping the riser, we need very little storage space.
  • Built-in HEPA10 filter allows you to maintain exceptional purity in your home. It stops even the finest dust, microbes and mites.
  • Power: 600 W.
  • Length of the cable: 5 m.
  • Instead of the bag, It has a special chamber to which air is sucked in and then introduced into a whirl movement (hence the name cyclone) - all in order to effectively separate the impurities that accumulate in the container.
  • In the set you will find a specialist brush for floors and carpets, a fabric brush and a crevice nozzle.

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