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Hoover proudly presents the H-FREE 700, a wireless stick vacuum cleaner of the new generation - excellent cleaning results of all types of surfaces thanks to its powerful motor and powerful suction power. Ergonomic design, a wide range of practical extensions for various purposes and advanced technology - H-FREE 700 is the optimal choice for every corner of your home.

The practical mechanism of the H-FREE 700 vacuum cleaner allows easy removal of the rotating brush - quickly and easily remove residual dirt and tangled hair.

LED lighting on the front of the brush illuminates dark corners or the space under furniture - with maximum visibility, dust is a thing of the past.

With one push of the button to the appropriate position, activate continuous operation for stable suction power - carefree vacuuming without any effort.

H-FREE 700 is a versatile and agile vacuum cleaner that will tackle all cleaning challenges. Thanks to the innovative 180° rotation system, the vacuum cleaner quickly and easily reaches hard-to-reach places with one hand movement.

H-FREE 700 is a 2-in-1 hand and stick vacuum cleaner equipped with many practical attachments for all types of surfaces, from hard floors, carpets, sensitive surfaces and furniture. All attachments are adapted to an easily removable manual vacuum cleaner, as well as a long telescopic tube for high and hard-to-reach places.

The innovative Hoover HSpin-Core technology effectively removes large as well as small dust particles - for superior cleaning results and less frequent filter maintenance. The highly efficient motor and air flow separates dust, dirt and hair to the bottom of the container which is quickly and easily emptied - with one touch, without contact with the dust.

Thanks to the 22V lithium ion battery, the H-FREE 700 guarantees up to 35 minutes of work autonomy, without tiring interruptions. You can charge the battery inside the device or simply remove it from the vacuum cleaner housing and plug it into the nearest outlet. 

The practical LED display informs about the battery status at all times.

The innovative motor of the H-FREE 70 cordless vacuum cleaner guarantees top suction efficiency on hard surfaces and carpets. Advanced brush design removes 25%* more of larger dirt particles (like breadcrumbs). * Compared to Discovery DS22PTG001 model.

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