Cordless Broom Vacuum Cleaner




The new HF500 stick vacuum cleaner has been designed to offer great suction power to capture all dust and debris. Its motorized brush is equipped with an anti-tangle system to prevent hair and pet hair from wrapping around the agitator during the cleaning session. In the compact position, its 69cm height offers easy storage (in a low cabinet, etc.)

The Direct Impulse motor has been designed to guarantee constant efficiency thanks to a high performance rotation of 100,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) which offers a suction power of 75AW, ideal for vacuuming debris and dust on all types of floors.

Save yourself precious minutes of cordless broom maintenance during your cleaning session! The motorized brush is equipped with a stiff comb that prevents any hair/pet hair from wrapping around the roller. The top cover allows direct and quick access in the event of a blockage.

Do you have a small space? No problem. In compact mode, the HF500 has a height of 69cm, ideal for being stored in a cupboard or in a corner for your comfort.


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