Vacuum Cleaner - Brave




Brave is a canister vacuum cleaner equipped with a 2.3L bag. ULTRA-MANEUVERABLE thanks to the 360° rotating hose. It is capable of achieving exceptional cleaning performance. Compact, lightweight and hygienic, it can be easily stored to save space.

Washable EPA filterThe EPA filter guarantees optimal filtration.

A 2 in 1 accessory (nozzle and furniture brush) is on board the body of the vacuum cleaner: always available and easily accessible.

The 360° rotation of the hose guarantees exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to move around with complete freedom.

Performance 3 TOP Eco guarantees optimal suction on hard floors combined with energy savings (up to 50%*) and optimal air filtration. *Performance equivalent to 2100W

Thanks to the soft-bristle parquet brush provided, vacuum efficiently while respecting your wooden, parquet and laminate floors.

Thanks to the mini-turbobrush accessory, easily remove animal hair from your sofas, beds, carpets and chair



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